Ashok Gadgil

Physicist Senior Faculty Scientist/Engineer

Indoor Environment Group

Strategic Advisor, International Energy Studies Group

International Energy Analysis Department

Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
Office Location: 090-2082

Ashok Gadgil


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Ashok Gadgil, Katya Cherukumilli, Yash Mehta and Subiksh Chandrashekar

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The Darfur Stove Project

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Ashok Gadgil, Susan Addy, Case van Genuchten, Joyashree Roy, Robert Kostecki

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Ashok Gadgil

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Ashok Gadgil, Phil Price, Tracy Thatcher, Michael Sohn, David Lorenzetti, Rengie Chan, Emily Wood, Woody Delp, Richard Sextro, Elizabeth Finlayson, Buvaneswari Jayaraman, Sheng-Chieh Chang, Suengbae Hong, and Sondra Jarvis

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Journal and Editorial Board Memberships

Annual Reviews of Environment and Resources, Co-editor in Chief
Development Engineering, Co-Editor in Chief




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Altmayer, Emmanuel F, Ashok J Gadgil, Fred S Bauman, and Ron C Kammerud. "Correlation for Convective Heat Transfer from Room Surfaces." ASHRAE 1983 Annual Conference. Vol. 89. Washington, D.C.: ASHRAE, 1983.



Shiralkar, G., Ashok J Gadgil, and Chang-Lin Tien. "High Rayleigh Number Convection in Shallow Enclosures with Different End Temperatures." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 24.10 (1981) 1621 - 1629.
Gadgil, Ashok J, Fred S Bauman, and Ron C Kammerud. "Natural Convection in Passive Solar Buildings: Experiments, Analysis and Results." Passive/Hybrid Journal 1.1 (1981). LBL-9297 Rev. Preprint.