Angela Green

Angela Green

(510) 486-7033


I have been at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) since 2009.  In my current role, I am the Administrator for the Building and Industrial Applications Department.  In this role I support researchers who work closely with industry, government and policy makers to inform and develop building technology and urban systems that increase energy efficiency, save money and improve health and safety for building occupants.  I have also had the pleasure of working in both Operations and Scientific Divisions at LBNL including the Information Technology Division, Site Access (Badging and Parking permits) and Chemical Sciences.  Prior to working at LBNL, I was in the Hotel Industry as a Front Desk Manager.  I graduated Long Beach City College with an Associates of Science in Commercial Photography.


SPOT Recognition Awards:

  • April 2017 - For providing excellent customer service and Administrative support
  • May 2018 - For successful completion of the LBNL Wall to Wall Property Inventory months prior to due date
  • December 2014 - For going above and beyond stated job duties
  • April 2012 - For successful completion of the LBNL Transition to Google 


Spot: Marie Butson, Rachel Foushee, Angela Green, Ellen Thomas -  May 27th 2022

Providing superb logistical support key to the success of the LBNL Resilient Cooling Workshop 2022.

Spot: Angela Green -  December 07th 2021

Outstanding assistance in supporting Carleton externship program

Spot: Angela Green, Rachel Foushee, Ellen Thomas -  November 26th 2019

Tremendous planning, organizing and execution efforts demonstrated as BTUS underwent a major renovation project.