Sahar El Abbadi

Sahar El Abbadi

Postdoctoral Researcher


Sahar El Abbadi is an environmental engineer interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from food and water systems, through a combination of modeling and experimental approaches. Abbadi's current work involves modeling emissions from water and wastewater treatment systems and strategies for abatement. Prior to joining Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Abbadi was at Stanford University where she completed her Ph.D. and post-doctoral research. Her work there included techno-economic modeling to evaluate how methane-consuming bacteria could serve as an aquaculture feed, offsetting demand for over-harvested fishmeal. As a postdoc at Stanford, she conducted field research to evaluate the performance of methane sensing airplanes, satellites, and ground-sensors through single-blind controlled release testing.


Civil & Environmental Engineering, PhD, Stanford University, 2021
Civil & Environmental Engineering, MS, Stanford University, 2015
Environmental Engineering Science, BS, UC Berkeley, 2012