Hershow Al-Barazi

Hershow Al-Barazi

Operations Manager: FLEXLAB
Technical Support Superndt


Hershow is the FLEXLAB® Operations Manager at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. FLEXLAB® (Facility for Low Energy eXperiments in Buildings) is Berkeley Lab’s series of experimental testbeds dedicated to integrated and low carbon building, DER (Distributed Energy Resource) and grid systems integration research and development. 

Prior to joining LBNL in 2021, he spent 10+ years working in the area of Building Automation and Controls Systems, with SIEMENS Building Technologies, and the California Academy of Sciences.

In his role as Building Systems Manager at the California Academy of Sciences, he was responsible for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of automated systems, including the Building Management (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), the Aquarium automated Life Support, and the Video Surveillance and Security Systems. 

In his role as Key Account Manager with SIEMENS he was responsible for all North American engagement with Roche-Genentech, SIEMENS’ largest global bio-pharma client. He was charged with ensuring that the projects and services portfolios were aligned with the overall needs of each of the three organizations (Siemens, Roche & Genentech). The primary focus of this engagement was the Building Technologies Portfolio, which consists of Building Automation, Lighting, Fire Life Safety, and Security Systems. The Roche-Genentech network of campuses include a broad cross-section of operational activities and requirements which include R&D laboratories, cGMP production facilities, data and administrative offices; and are governed by strict FDA regulations.

His Bachelor’s degree is in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of California at San Diego.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bachelors of Sciences, University of California at San Diego, 2001


Spot: Hershow Al-Barazi -  September 1st 2023

Performed over and beyond during a medical emergency

Spot: Hershow Al-Barazi, Matthew McCloskey -  April 18th 2023

With gratitude for your quick response & creative troubleshooting on Testbed 2's down chiller, while simultaneously exploring and initiating backup plans which resulted in the chiller being down for less than 48 hours