Angela Green

Angela Green

(510) 486-7033


SPOT Recognition Awards:

  • April 2017 - For providing excellent customer service and Administrative support
  • May 2018 - For successful completion of the LBNL Wall to Wall Property Inventory months prior to due date
  • December 2014 - For going above and beyond stated job duties
  • April 2012 - For successful completion of the LBNL Transition to Google 


Spot: Marie Butson, Rachel Foushee, Angela Green, Ellen Thomas -  May 27th 2022

Providing superb logistical support key to the success of the LBNL Resilient Cooling Workshop 2022.

Spot: Angela Green -  December 07th 2021

Outstanding assistance in supporting Carleton externship program

Spot: Angela Green, Rachel Foushee, Ellen Thomas -  November 26th 2019

Tremendous planning, organizing and execution efforts demonstrated as BTUS underwent a major renovation project.