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April 2021

From left to right, Kristin Persson, Sumanjeet Kaur, Marca Doeff and Noel Bakhtian

Focus: Energy Storage Center at Berkeley Lab

Leaders profiled in Department of Energy

Highway and wind turbines in Tamil Nadu, India. India has ambitious scale-up plans for renewable energy over the next decade. (Credit: iStock)

India Can Boost Clean Energy and Double Its Power Supply by 2030

India has set ambitious targets for renewable power, with plans to quintuple its current wind and solar energy capacity by 2030. The country’s transition away from fossil fuels will have a significant impact on global climate efforts, since it is the world’s third-largest greenhouse gas emitter – although its per capita emissions are below the global average.

March 2021

Richard Wang, CEO/Founder of Cuberg

Battery Company’s Success Has Origins with Cyclotron Road

European battery manufacturer Northvolt recently acquired the U.S.-based battery technology company Cuberg, Inc., which was co-founded by Richard Wang, a 2016 fellow hosted at Cyclotron Road.