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Latest News

April 2019

Exploring New Ways to Control Thermal Radiation

When scientists are trying to make things better, they will often turn to a standard rule and try to disprove or disrupt it.

A consortium of researchers using the unique Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) set out to do just that with Planck’s Law.

Webinar: Fuel Cell Performance, Durability

A core group of five national labs within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is working to advance fuel cell performance and durability. In a recent DOE webinar, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Berkeley Lab) scientist Adam Weber provided an overview of this work. 

Researcher Chosen for Water Leadership Program

An innovative researcher has been accepted into a prestigious program designed to advance collaboration about water management in California, by engaging stakeholders and bridging differences.

Arian Aghajanzadeh, an engineer in the Energy Technologies Area (ETA) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), will participate in the Water Solutions Network's second learning cohort of California's water sector leaders.