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April 2021

Projected versus actual outcomes for the U.S. power sector. (Credit: Berkeley Lab)

U.S. Power Sector is Halfway to Zero Carbon Emissions

Concerns about climate change are driving a growing number of states, utilities, and corporations to set the goal of zeroing out power-sector carbon emissions.

Due to dedicated and predictable travel routes, long-haul trucks require simpler and more concentrated refueling infrastructure. (Credit: iStock)

Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry

Interest in hydrogen fuel cells as a sustainable source of clean energy is on the rise globally, and hydrogen fuel cells are widely seen as a viable, zero-emission option to power trucks, trains, ferries, and passenger vehicles.

From left to right, Kristin Persson, Sumanjeet Kaur, Marca Doeff and Noel Bakhtian

Focus: Energy Storage Center at Berkeley Lab

Leaders profiled in Department of Energy