PowerMatcher, Moving Out of the Testbeds

PowerMatcher, Moving Out of the Testbeds

Seminar Abstract 

The PowerMatcher is a smart grid coordination mechanism. It balances distributed energy resources (DER) and (flexible) loads. It can also be herded among Demand Response systems, but with a radical new vision. A vision that we call Smart Transactive Energy.

The PowerMatcher concept is based on the micro-economic principle of demand and supply. Supply and demand is one of the most fundamental concepts of economics and it is the backbone of a market economy. The PowerMatcher core application provides the market mechanism for the determination of the market equilibrium, while the devices, DER and flexible loads, work as actors for demand and/or supply.

The PowerMatcher has been successfully tested and implemented in numerous testbeds in the Netherlands and in Germany, Denmark, showing benefits for all stakeholders in the system, the prosumer, grid operator, and aggregator. From these testbeds we have developed a new learning; which we call the Energy Flexibility Interface (EFI), even more fundamental than the PowerMatcher.

We are now taking the PowerMatcher and the EFI to the next phase through multiple routes, commercial, international standardization and a more unconvential route… Please join the seminar if you are interested to find out more on the concept of the PowerMatcher and the EFI. I will be able to touch on the following topics depending on request from the viewer:

-       the total concept of the PowerMatcher and the ‘Energy Flexibility Interface”

-       results of the testbeds and how we are moving to a large scale commercial implementation

-       a more technical discussion of the PowerMatcher architecture

-       a more technical discussion about the Energy Flexibility interface (although I am not the expert on this I                 can answer quite a bit)

-       PowerMatcher and transactive energy


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Seminar Speaker(s) 

Alexander Krstulovic
IT & DevOps Consultant EnergyTransition, Alliander

I am currently involved in shaping the future of the PowerMatcher, a disruptive transactive smart energy technology. With a mechanical engineering masters background and hands on IT experience working as a programmer, scrum master or product owner on various IT projects combined with a wide interest ranging from fields such IT security to Logistics and Entrepreneurship I aim to add a wide skill base, and activation of innovation, to give pragmatic shape to the energy transition.



Dec 7, 2015 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm