Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship

Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship

Award Recipient(s) 

Hanna Breunig


Breunig is a graduate student researcher in the Sustainable Energy Systems Group's emerging technology analysis group, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, and a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. She is one of 16 Schmidt-MacArthur fellows in the class of 2014.

The Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship is an international postgraduate fellowship on the circular economy for design, engineering and business students. The Fellowship programme, a joint initiative between the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the U.K. and the Schmidt Family Foundation in the U.S., offers an innovation platform for postgraduate students and academics from leading international design, engineering & business schools to redesign the economy.

As mentor to Breunig, Sustainable Energy Systems Group Leader Thomas McKone was also honored by the Schmidt-MacArthur selection committee.