2013 R&D 100

2013 R&D 100

July 08, 2013

Award Recipient(s) 

Gao Liu, Wanli Yang, Lin-Wang Wang, and Vincent Battaglia and postdoctoral fellows Sang-Jae Park, Mingyan Wu, and Shidi Xun


Gao Liu and his team developed a technology to boost the power storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries. The new material, for use in rechargeable batteries, can boost power storage capacity by 30 percent, a dramatic improvement in a field marked by little progress for more than a decade. It is called Conducting Polymer Binder, literally a kind of flexible plastic glue that holds electrode materials together while facilitating the shuttling of electrons and positively charged lithium ions.
Presented by R&D Magazine, the R&D 100 Awards recognize the year’s top 100 technology products from industry, academia, and government-sponsored research, ranging from chemistry to materials to biomedical breakthroughs.
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Conductive polymer binder