2012 Berkeley Lab Prize: Lifetime Achievement Award: Societal Impact

2012 Berkeley Lab Prize: Lifetime Achievement Award: Societal Impact

May 25, 2012

Award Recipient(s) 

Steve Selkowitz


Few people in the world have had as big an impact on reducing energy use in buildings as Steve Selkowitz. Buildings account for 40% of the U.S. energy use, and more than 70% of the electricity used in this country — major contributors to global carbon dioxide emissions. As Head of the Building Technologies Department for the past 35 years, Steve has created the leading program in the world in Energy Efficient Building Technologies. Steve has provided the overall scientific vision, coordination, management and leadership of a department with a diverse staff of more than 80 researchers in six major RDD&D activities related to energy use in buildings: commercial building systems, building simulation research, windows and daylighting, lighting systems, demand response research, and applications team...While Steve modestly credits his department with the numerous accomplishments, the truth is he has been the visionary and driving spirit behind much of the work his talented team has produced. Steve Selkowitz is the 'Steve Jobs' in the world of energy-efficient buildings — he has literally changed how we design, build, and inhabit buildings the world over.

Portrait of Steve Selkowitz