Sustainable Federal Operations

Sustainable Federal Operations (SFO)

The Sustainable Federal Operations (SFO) Group brings together expertise in technology, development, and deployment to support the public sector in achieving energy, environmental and sustainability goals. Projects include alternative financing, institutional change, program evaluation, and sustainable operations.

SFO helps stakeholders use alternative financing methods for energy efficiency improvements, and has assisted in the creation and implementation of federal energy efficiency third-party financing vehicles such as energy savings performance contracts (ESPC), utility energy service contracts (UESC), and power purchase agreements (PPA) for decades.

The SFO's institutional change work provides support through activities and resources such as frameworks, case studies, webinars, workshops and training, and hands-on technical assistance.

SFO helps with program evaluation through services such as preparation of requests for proposals, project management, technical support, contractor oversight, evaluation reports, development of workshop materials, and studies.

The group's sustainable operations work helps facilities incorporate sustainability factors into operations by providing technical assistance to develop contract language, procurement systems, and reporting requirements that can make sustainable acquisition standard operating practice.



Yaw Agyeman (510) 495-2574
Philip Coleman (610) 604-0170
Lauren DeMates (510) 486-6108
Shankar Earni (510) 486-7126
Christopher Payne (510) 495-2577
Gerald Robinson (510) 486-5769
Charles Williams (510) 495-2892

Publications by Organization



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