Sustainable Energy Systems Group

Sustainable Energy Systems Group

The Sustainable Energy Systems Group studies the impacts of energy generation and use, manufacturing, and other activities on the environment, the economy, and health. Its research activities include, energy, environmental and economic systems models; life-cycle analysis of products, including their energy, heat resources use from cradle to grave; local and regional air pollution including particulate matter impacts; emissions measurements from energy production and manufacturing; the transport and fate of pollutants in air, water; and solid media; health risk assessment; and methods of mitigating climate change impacts.

The group’s research is organized into six areas:

  • Resource and Life Cycle Assessment research focuses on emerging technology assessment, advanced manufacturing, energy-efficient buildings, low-carbon transportation, and human and ecological health.
  • Atmospheric Science and Technology research includes aerosol studies, air quality modeling, and anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions (CALGEM).
  • Indoor Airflow and Pollutant Transport research concentrates on writing simulation tools, estimating prediction uncertainty, and using tools to make decisions.
  • Water-Energy Interactions research features modeling and analysis capability for joint simulation. The work is focused on basin-level and regional scales of analysis and is linked with global and downscaled climate forecasts.
  • Whole-building Energy and Asset Analyses research analyzes energy data to: find inefficient buildings, quantify effectiveness of efficiency measures, and determine improved control strategies.
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Assessment looks at energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, mitigation policies, impacts on water and energy resources, buildings and cities, and human exposures and indoor environments.


Aikaterini Anastasopoulou
Max Auffhammer (510) 643-5472
Severin Borenstein (510) 486-4507
Hanna Breunig (510) 486-4046
Nancy Brown (510) 610-7620
Ronald Cohen (510) 642-2735
Jay Devkota
Marc Fischer (510) 486-5539
Michael Frenklach (510) 643-1676
Allen Goldstein (510) 643-2451
Rob Harley (510) 643-9168
Seongeun Jeong (510) 486-7216
Ling Jin (510) 495-2177
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Haitam Laarabi (510) 495-8159


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