International Energy Studies Group

International Energy Studies Group

ETA's International Energy Studies Group conducts studies on the social, environmental and economic impacts of energy efficiency and emissions reduction strategies, through extensive analyses, research, development and deployment across a variety of sectors in developed and developing countries. They actively provide expert advice and technical support to governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and industries through a variety of research topics and activities. The locus of researchers in this area is the International Energy Studies Group, which has expertise in the following areas:

  • Crossing-cutting R&D and Policy Studies on Low Carbon Development
  • Capacity Building in Developing Countries
  • Appliances and Equipment
  • Building Energy
  • Electric Power and Renewable Energy
  • Forestry
  • Industrial Energy

The group conducts research in the areas of appliance energy efficiency, evaluation measurement and verification, industrial energy efficiency, off-grid and mini-grid solutions for improving electricity access, power sector, sustainable space cooling, and transportation.


Nikit Abhyankar (510) 486-5681
Chingyao Chan (510) 665-3621
Stephane de la Rue du Can (510) 486-7762
Alberto Diaz-Gonzalez (510) 486-4811
Sid Feygin (510) 486-5844
Anand Gopal (510) 486-5844
Nihan Karali (510) 495-8185
Satish Kumar (510) 486-4000
Jung Yong Lee (510) 495-2252
Virginie Letschert (510) 486-7683
Tim Lipman (510) 486-5844
Elliot Martin (510) 486-5844
Michael McNeil (510) 486-6885
Nneomma Nwosu (510) 486-4000
Won Young Park (510) 495-2252


Publications by Organization



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