Indoor Environment Group

Indoor Environment Group

The Indoor Environment Group performs research that aims to maintain healthy and productive indoor environments while making buildings more energy efficient. The group's researchers study the links between indoor environmental quality, building ventilation, building energy efficiency, and occupants' health, performance and comfort. They undertake experiments in laboratory and field settings and employ modeling to characterize indoor environmental conditions and evaluate the fate, transport and chemical transformations of indoor pollutants. Researchers elucidate the pathways of pollutant exposure, evaluate and develop energy efficient means of controlling indoor environmental quality, and provide input for related guidelines and standards.

This group's research is organized into six areas:

  • Pollutant Exposures, Health, and Productivity research focuses on improving indoor environmental quality during energy retrofits; dampness and mold; and schools, offices, and homes.
  • Energy-Efficient Building Ventilation research involves technologies, operations and standards; reducing energy while improving health and productivity; and research and demonstrations.
  • Tobacco Smoke in the Indoor Environment research focuses on composition and chemistry of tobacco smoke and assessment of exposures and health impacts.
  • Energy-Efficient Air Quality Control Technologies research includes novel technologies and materials; impacts on energy consumption; and laboratory and field testing.
  • Pollutant Sources, Sinks and Chemical Transformations research involves pollutant sources; transport and chemical transformation; experiments in labs and buildings; and simulations and statistical modeling.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality in Developing Countries research focuses on the design and development of cookstoves and reducing environmental and health burdens.


Kelly Archer (510) 926-0462
Rengie Chan (510) 486-6570
Woody Delp (510) 486-5864
Hugo Destaillats (510) 486-5897
Spencer Dutton (510) 486-5864
William Fisk
Lara Gundel (510) 486-7276
Toshifumi Hotchi (510) 326-3729
Randy Maddalena (510) 486-4924
Marion Russell (510) 486-7206
Brett Singer (510) 486-4779
Xiaochen Tang (951) 961-8295

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