Energy Efficiency Standards Group

Energy Efficiency Standards Group

The Energy Efficiency Standards (EES) Group analyzes technical, economic and environmental aspects of more efficient appliances and equipment used in all sectors (except transportation), both in the United States and internationally. The EES staff offers a broad range of expertise, primarily in support of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Appliance & Equipment Standards program and its mission to promulgate standards that achieve the maximum technologically feasible and economically justified improvement in energy efficiency.

The EES group's core capabilities include:

  • Energy policy analysis
  • Cost-benefit assessment, including uncertainty and variability analysis
  • Product lifecycle cost analysis
  • Energy modeling and forecasting
  • Environmental impacts assessment
  • Economic research
  • National impacts analysis
  • Advanced technology and market assessment

The EES group also constitutes a network of subject experts with strong ties to professional associations related to appliance and equipment efficiency and knowledge of leading experts and actors in the field.


Youness Bennani Smires (510) 486-7159
Bereket Beraki (510) 486-7314
Helcio Blum (510) 495-2865
Christopher Bolduc (647) 832-4021
Tom Burke (510) 486-7723
Michael Carnall (510) 495-2477
Peter Chan (510) 486-6510
Terry Chan (510) 486-7439
Yuting Chen (510) 486-7504
Katie Coughlin (510) 486-5949
Edward Cubero (510) 486-6628
Liz Dabramo (585) 734-8425
Larry Dale (510) 495-2477
Louis-Benoit Desroches (510) 486-5833
Camilla Dunham (207) 420-1690


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