China Energy Group

China Energy Group

The China Energy Group Developing impactful, science-based energy and environmental solutions collaboratively with China.

Current research and projects include:
  • Long Term Energy Modeling
  • Smart Resilient Cities and Urban Infrastructure
  • Green and Energy Efficient Industry
  • Clean Power and Smart Grid Integration
  • Green and Energy Efficient Industry
  • High Performance Buildings and Products
  • U.S.-China CERC-BEE Program
  • Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center on Energy and Climate Change

  Consult the China Energy Group website for more information.


Chao Ding (510) 486-6835
Wei Feng (510) 486-5156
Nina Khanna (510) 486-5263
Jiang Lin (510) 495-8886
Angela Liu (510) 486-7602
Hongyou Lu (510) 486-7534
Lynn Price (510) 486-6519
Bo Shen (510) 495-8880
Carolyn Szum (510) 486-4106
Jingjing Zhang (510) 486-5534
Nan Zhou (510) 486-5534

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