Commercial Building Systems

Commercial Building Systems

ETA's commercial building systems research explores different ways to integrate the efforts of research in windows, lighting, and simulations with the goal of developing coherent and innovative building construction and design techniques. The researchers develop benchmarking, measurement and energy information systems, as well as commissioning tools, guides, and evaluations of advanced building systems.

Research focuses on developing advanced computer-based building design tools that assist the architect or engineer in decision-making from early, schematic design through building construction, commissioning and operation.

In the spirit of the healthy or green building, the work includes seeking ways to integrate a variety of isolated building technologies into complete systems that allow for compounded energy efficiency and an increased building lifecycle.


Claire Curtin (510) 486-7988
Sam Fernandes (510) 486-4048
Guanjing Lin (510) 486-5979
Cindy Regnier (510) 486-7011
Alastair Robinson (510) 486-6918
Reshma Singh (510) 495-2167
Samir Touzani (510) 486-6772
Travis Walter (510) 486-7867

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