Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division

Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division

ETA researchers in the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division conduct R&D and develop technologies that provide the electricity grid with significant storage capability for:

  • energy generated from renewable sources
  • real-time monitoring and response technologies for the “smart grid” to optimize energy use and communication between electricity providers and consumers
  • technologies for improved electricity distribution reliability

Their goal is to identify and develop technologies, policies and strategies to enable a shift to renewable energy sources at $1 per watt for a low-cost, low-carbon, reliable electric grid.

Researchers develop, demonstrate and deploy:

  • Advanced battery and fuel cell technologies for both transportation and stationary applications
  • Microgrid technologies that allow enterprises and communities to supply their own clean energy
  • Real-time smart grid/demand response technologies to allow energy users, suppliers and grid operators to run efficiently
  • Software and hardware technologies to improve the reliability of the grid
  • Very low-emissions combustion technologies
  • Advanced physical and chemical sensors for developing new energy materials and detecting hazardous waste


Charlotte Standish (510) 486-4259
Rebecca Stern (510) 486-7218
Cindy Stevenson (510) 486-4291
Emma Stewart (510) 486-5564
Kathryn Striebel (510) 486-4000
Chinmayee Subban (510) 486-4542
Vivek Subramanian (510) 643-4535
David Suich (510) 486-6586
Meiling Sun (510) 486-7097
Dan Sun (510) 486-5028
Chris Swain (510) 486-4291
Margit Temper (510) 486-5564
Meron Tesfaye (510) 486-5304
Chixia Tian (510) 486-4501
Ksenia Timachova (510) 642-8980


Publications by Organization


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