Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division (EAEI)

Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division (EAEI)

The Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division analyzes U.S. and global energy consumption and the associated social, economic and environmental impacts, including human health, greenhouse gas emissions, and global climate change.

Researchers conduct research and development and provide technical assistance to governments on:

  • Lifecycle analysis of products and industries
  • How energy use affects health in the indoor environment
  • Energy markets and utility policy
  • Renewable energy policy and economics
  • Energy efficiency standards and codes
  • International energy and environmental impacts in the developed and developing worlds, including China, India and Mexico
  • Building energy use, including energy-using equipment, and information networks



Annika Todd (510) 495-2165
Jimmy Tran (510) 495-8010
Thomas Tu (510) 486-5797
Edward Vine (510) 486-6047
Evangelos Vossos (510) 495-2521
David Vuilleumier (916) 396-6699
Lance Wallace (510) 486-4000
Meina Wang (510) 486-4556
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Shanna Wells (510) 486-4450
Tom West (510) 289-7661
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Alison Williams (510) 495-2548


Publications by Organization


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