Building Technologies Department

Building Technologies Department

The Building Technologies Department focuses work in three areassimulation research; windows and envelope materials; and  electronics, lighting, and networks.

The Department's simulation researchers develop software that supports building design and operation. Windows and envelope materials researchers develop energy-efficient window systems and study advanced daylighting designs, to identify the optimal selections for various buildings and applications. The electronics, lighting and networks researchers conduct research to evaluate and optimize aspects of building electronics, including energy-efficient Ethernet, energy use of set-top boxes, and thermostat and lighting controls user interfaces.


Ben Radhakrishnan (510) 486-5988
Prakash Rao (510) 486-4410
Gerald Robinson (510) 486-5769
Dale Sartor (510) 486-5988
Paul Sheaffer (703) 689-1202
Darren Sholes (510) 486-5627
Peter Therkelsen (510) 486-5645
Vestal Tutterow (703) 346-3533
Liyang Wang (510) 486-5914
Charles Williams (510) 495-2892
Christine Wu (510) 486-7242


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