Building Technology and Urban Systems Division

Building Technology and Urban Systems Division

In the areas of Building Technology and Urban Systems (BTUS), ETA researchers conduct R&D and develop physical and information technologies to make buildings and urban areas more energy- and resource-efficient. These technologies create jobs and products for the marketplace in clean technology industries. They improve quality of life and reduce pollutant emissions, including climate-altering greenhouse gases.

The goal is to provide the technologies needed to operate buildings at 50 to 70 percent less energy use than is average today.

BTUS develops, demonstrates and deploys:

  • Information technologies for the real-time monitoring and control of buildings and facilities for improved energy efficiency and quality of life
  • Advanced lighting, and windows and daylighting systems
  • Software for energy-efficient building modeling, design and operation
  • Technologies and design practice for efficient high-technology buildings
  • Commercial and residential building technologies
  • Technical assistance to federal, state and local governments in efficient buildings
  • Data and tools to support cities' decision making on building energy efficiency
  • Occupant behavior data analytics, modeling and simulation to reduce energy use in buildings


Gayathri Aaditya (510) 366-2353
Nathan Addy
Bunmi Adesola (510) 486-6966
Arian Aghajanzadeh (510) 495-2145
Yaw Agyeman (510) 495-2574
Mike Apte (510) 610-4172
Paula Ashley (510) 486-6882
George Ban-Weiss
Carmen Bas
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Paul Berdahl
David Blum (510) 486-4741
Carl Blumstein (510) 207-3333
Norman Bourassa (510) 495-2677
Rich Brown (510) 486-5896


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