For Research Mentors

Information for Research Mentors

Research mentors are scientists and engineers committed to supporting and guiding the successful applicant's research activities during the ITRI-Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellowship. Research mentors must be currently conducting or directing research in an area related to the project(s) proposed by the applicant.

Applicants are expected to discuss their proposed research plan and receive approval from research mentors before submitting an application for the fellowship.

Expectations of Research Mentors

During the application process:

  • Confirm funding availability to host a postdoctoral fellowship participant at a 25% share for up to two years. For mentors who are not the PI on the proposed project, secure funding approval from the PI on the project and document in the statement of support.
  • Provide guidance to the applicant about their research proposal.
  • Use the Statement of Support from Research Mentor (PDF) received from the applicant to submit a statement to the fellowship selection committee commenting on the relevance of the applicant's proposed research to his/her current research work, and stating their intent to support the applicant's research activities. Instructions for completing the document and submitting it to the selection committee are provided on the form.

After the participant is selected:

  • Assist participant with administrative issues related to accessing the research facilities and local area (e.g., housing, transportation, postdoc orientation, required training courses, specialized building access, etc.).
  • Provide a project ID for the 25% share of salary funding, and provide resource support for the participant (e.g., office/laboratory space, computers, data, equipment, training, and technical and administrative support).
  • Provide technical guidance and advice to help participants achieve project goals.
  • Evaluate the progress of the research and participant's performance.
  • Facilitate opportunities for participants to complete training goals. Training activities may include but are not limited to preparation of grant proposals, publications and presentations; development of teaching and mentoring skills; and guidance on career counseling and responsible professional practices.

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