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Appliances and Equipment

Office Electronics

Field Measurements of Appliances

Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards

Atmospheric Sciences

Air Quality Studies; California and Regional Climate

Particles, Aerosols

Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Batteries and Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Improving Battery Performance

Battery Safety

Battery Fabrication

Climate Change

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Studies On Climate Change Mitigation

Insurance Industry and Climate Change

Climate Change Economics

Carbon Aerosol Particles in the Atmosphere

Combustion Science

Low-Emission Combustion

Developing Countries and Energy

Water Purification (UV Waterworks, Arsenic Removal Technologies)


Ducts, Heating and Cooling

Duct Sealing, Aerosol-Based

Energy Use of Ducts; Duct Sealants

Electricity Markets, Policy, and Reliability

Electricity Reliability R&D

Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Reduction Programs Offered by Utilities and States

Distributed Energy Resources

Consumer and Market Behavior

Benefits of Energy Efficiency in California and the U.S.

Renewable Energy; Green Energy

Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings and Businesses

Field Measurements of Buildings


Federal Purchasing Programs for Energy-Efficient Products

Federal Energy Management

Energy Test Procedures

Low-Energy Design and Simulation of Commercial Buildings; HVAC Diagnostics

Performance Metrics

Energy Management and Control Systems, Energy Information Systems

Demand Response (Price-Responsive Demand), Building Diagnostics, Commissioning, Field Measurements

Commercial-Sector Energy Consumption Behavior Research

Computer Simulation of Whole-Building Performance

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality

Advanced Whole-Building Design Tools

Energy Efficiency for Homes

Residential Retrofit

Standby Power ("Leaking Electricity")

Home Energy Saver Web Site

Thermal Distribution

Urban Heat Islands and Cool Colored Materials

Energy-Efficient Behavior Research; Energy Efficiency Myths

Consumer Appliances

Energy Efficiency Tips for the Hom

Building Energy Measurement and Performance Analysis

Energy Efficiency for Industry

Life-Cycle Assessment

Industrial Energy Analysis

Energy Efficiency for High-Technology Industries, Laboratories and Clean Rooms; Government Buildings, Schools, Universities

Energy-Efficient Motors and Motor Systems

Indoor Environment and Health

Airflow and Pollutant Transport

Environmental Health Risk and Exposure Modeling

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Exposure and Risk Analysis

Sick/Healthy Buildings and Productivity

Material Emissions

Indoor Particles

Indoor Air Quality and Health

International Energy Analysis

China Energy Studies

Global Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Analysis



Energy-Efficient Lighting; Lighting Control Systems

International Dimensions of Energy-Efficient Lighting

Sensors for Energy Efficiency

Laser-Based Sensors


Transportation Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis

Transportation and Air Quality Analysis

Water and Other Resource Efficiency

Water-Energy Connection

Windows and Daylighting

Energy-Efficient Window Applications and Research

Transition Metal Switchable Mirrors


Advanced Insulation

Advanced Glazings

Window Systems Field Testing