Our staff, research, and technologies have received numerous awards.


Awards won by our staff, groups, and technologies are listed chronologically, with the most recent at the top. 

Charles Goldman and Art Rosenfeld

Demand Response Research Center, Pacific Gas & Electric, Global Energy Partners LLC, and Akuacom

Ashok Gadgil, Phil Price, Tracy Thatcher, Michael Sohn, David Lorenzetti, Rengie Chan, Emily Wood, Woody Delp, Richard Sextro, Elizabeth Finlayson, Buvaneswari Jayaraman, Sheng-Chieh Chang, Suengbae Hong, and Sondra Jarvis

Marca Doeff, Guoying Chen, Eongyu Yi

William Fisk and Art Rosenfeld

Mike Tucker, Grace Lau, Emir Dogdibegovic and Ruofan Wang

EETD staffers Francis Rubinstein, Dale Sartor, Doug Avery, and Rick Diamond, Judy Jennings, Steve Kromer, and other agencies

Thirdhand Smoke Research Team: Hugo Destaillats, Lara Gundel, Bo Hang, Jian-Hua Mao, Altaf Sarker, Brett Singer, Mohamad Sleiman, Antoine Snijders, Xiaochen Tang

Rick Diamond, Helmut Feustel and Darrell Dickerhoff